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  1. October 4, 2015 @ 7:03 pm Doug A.

    Stumbled upon this place traveling from NE Arizona to San Diego. As a lover of things most folks would consider “weird”, “strange” or “freaky”, this place resonated with me completely. Haven’t been a “hippy” politically or socially since 1970, but walking into the atmosphere took me right back, complete with hanging vines and the aroma of incense. Whoever accumulated the Native American / Americana relics and desert artifacts decorating the entire interior of the Tower, did a magnificent job of creating an atmosphere that down to earth, folksy, non-pretentious people will love. I was more than happy to pay the $6.50 to climb the old wooden winding staircase to the top for a magnificent view of the Imperial Valley, and to be allowed to range around the carved rocks nearby. Ben made me feel right at home and was a very interesting and easy person to talk to. He’s “been around the block” a couple times, as I have, we just traveled in different directions after the 60’s. Cool place and people.


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