Divine Flow

We are multidimensional energy beings, who have human experiences. In order to maintain and restore our vitality, a multifaceted strategy is needed. Divine Flow, created by Haeshing, is an integrative approach to activate and rejuvenate our energies, harmonize our emotion, strengthen our bodies, and uplift our spirit. In the class, we will practice qigong with body movements, apply colored lights into meditation, and tone with crystal bowls. The participants will experience how the qi flows in their physical body, learn self-healing for each of the body’s organs, and have a new profound joy and gratitude toward their body, mind, and spirit.

Haeshing, a Chinese medical qigong master, has been a fitness trainer and a life coach for her private clients for nearly twenty years. Also, she uses qigong, Pranic Healing, Magnified Healing, chant, and crystal sounds to facilitate energies for her clients.

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